Turn your phone into a mouse and PC keyboard! [iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS, Linux]

In this guide we will see how to turn the phone into a mouse and keyboard to control our PC.

Step by step from the first configuration to the last click without requiring high informed knowledge!

But which computers and phones are supported?

As for phones, we have support for Android, iPhone and iPad.

The PCs that can be controlled are Windows, MacOS and some Linux distributions .

FOREWORD : In this guide we based ourselves on Android and Windows 10.

Let’s see step by step how to proceed with the installation before and after configuration.

Configure WiFi Mouse and Mouse Server

FIRST STEP: Installing APP on smartphone

First we need to install the “WiFi mouse” application on our device, find the links on the official page of the manufacturer.

Or you can use these direct links to the stores:

No need to open it for now as we have to configure the computer now

SECOND STEP: Software installation on PC

We need to install the software on our computer so we can get it detected by the APP on the phone.

Let’s go to the WiFi Mouse website and scroll down to step 02, here you will find the various links depending on your device.

Here are the 2 main ones for your convenience:

Proceed to install the downloaded package.

THIRD STEP: Final configuration

Now connect the PC and the phone to the same network (via LAN or WiFi no matter how).

Open the program on the computer “Mouse Server” , if it asks you to share resources click on the left button to refuse.

Also from Windows enable remote desktop: Start> Settings> System> Remote Desktop and enable Enable Remote Desktop.

Run the APP on the smartphone “WiFi Mouse”  and after a few seconds in the computer section you will see your PC appear, click on it to connect.


After connecting the APP will have this screen, full of features:

Scrolling to the center you will move the mouse, the left bar will scroll and the buttons at the bottom will simulate the left and right mouse clicks.

The other functions are accessible by clicking on the navigation bar located above the keyboard (the one in white). Among the many features we find multimedia control (ideal for those who use a lot of youtube, netflix, VLC or even streaming sites), quick start of the APP on PC and more.

The extra features are paid, I unlocked them by taking advantage of the gain you get with the Google survey app!