Download Turbo SMS Bomber [Latest Version+Step By Step] 2020

Hello folks, If you’re searching to download Turbo Bomber SMS apk then you land on the right website.

Turbo SMS bomber is one of the best SMS bombing app like bombitup. You can try this android app to prank your friends and family members, this is best option available for prank. SMS bombing is pretty fun app to prank anyone. If you pissed off by your teacher or girlfriends then in few click with smartphone will help you to relieve your stress, you know what I mean.

turbo sms bomber

In case, if you don’t know what is Turbo SMS Bomber App then Read the whole Article. In this article, I am going to share everything about what is SMS Bombing and How to Do with every steps. So follow all the steps to know how to do SMS bombing

So here we go:

What Is SMS Bombing?

SMS Bomber is Process to send multiple SMS to spam someone’s SMS Inbox with unlimited SMS.

Is It Safe?

You are using this for prank then it is safe. If you are using to take revenge then please don’t use this and one more thing By this way, the receiver can never guess the sender.

If you are not harming anyone then anything is safe. 🙂

What is Turbo Bomber Apk?

This is one of the best SMS Bomber app available out there. with the help of this app, you can send 1000+ SMS in one number by multiple times in few clicks. This android SMS bombing app comes with many features which will help you to do more stuff.

turbo sms bomber apk download

This app is not available in google play store because this kind of apps are not available in any android store. As We mention above, we are also sharing the download link of the app so you do not have to worry the download.

Top Features Of Turbo SMS BOMBER Apk:

  • Send 1000+ SMS at once.
  • You Can Send SMS BOMB any number in multiple times
  • Use multiple contacts at once.
  • Instant cancel button if you want to stop the bombing.
  • Auto saved the last config.
  • Easily select contacts.
  • Make SMS differently.
  • As a sender the app keep you anonymous.


Important: This is one of thing that you must know, You should only SEND SMS bomb someone’s number whom you know personally. And only for fun and prank purposes.

How To Download & Install The App

After Downloading the app, Now you have to install the app. To enable this feature, follow these steps:

  1. At first, Download the app for G Drive Link.
  2. Go to settings.
  3. Open the Additional settings.
  4. Now, “ Enable Allow installation of apps from unknown sources” option.
  5. Open the Downloaded file
  6. Tap on the install button
  7. Installing process will take few seconds.
  8. Click Open button and launch the app
  9. All Done

How to Use Turbo Bomber:

1): First go to the app, open the App and after opening the app you will see two boxes.

2): Add the targeted mobile number in first one and the SMS bombing counts will be start in the second.

3): This App has two modes, First is Simple mode and Second Mode is Turbo Mode.

In Simple Mode, the Sents SMS gets some time interval & second Turbo Mode, as the name sounds, the SMS gets sent continuously.

4): The Main & Final step is to click on “Bomb” button and Enjoy thinking about targeted number.

Final Words:

Please use this app for Fun Purpose & don’t use this app to harm anyone because if you sending message to other person you don’t know then maybe it will take serious action against you.

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