Marvel Reveals an Avenger is Dying

Marvel’s newest series kicked off in a big way when it launched earlier this year, and that series featured spotlighted none other than Jessica Drew, aka Spider-Woman. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, however, the second issue was delayed along with many other comics. Thankfully the wait for the second issue is almost over, and now Marvel has revealed a new preview of the long-awaited Spider-Woman #2. Writer Karla Pacheco and artist Pere Perez get things off and running with a gorgeous first page showing how powerful Jessica Drew is at the moment, which would typically be a thing to celebrate. Unfortunately, it also comes with the news that she might be dying, and she needs some answers. When superheroes need medical expertise, they don’t go to doctors or the hospital, they go see the Night Nurse, and it turns out Rhino had the same idea (via Marvel).

As you can see in the preview below, Jessica’s narration reveals that abilities she thought she had lost our had faded are now stronger than ever, and she feels incredibly powerful. That’s when she reveals she’s dying, and the first thought has to be that the two things are somehow connected.

We then flashback to two weeks earlier, where she gets the unfortunate news, and that’s why she heads to go see the Night Nurse, who specializes in treating superheroes and keeping things on the down-low. Unfortunately, that’s when Rhino goes soaring over the car.

(Photo: Marvel)

We then see the Night Nurse rocking some Iron Man Gauntlets, which sent Rhino reeling before, and it turns out he did not have an appointment and just decided to charge in there and demand attention for…well, a rash. When he wouldn’t listen, he got sent out of the building, and now he wants nothing but to tear it all down.

(Photo: Marvel)

Jessica leaps in to help out, and they hit Rhino from all sides with energy blasts. That’s where the preview ends, unfortunately, but we can’t wait to see how the battle turns out and learn a few more answers regarding Jessica’s condition.

(Photo: Marvel)

You can check out the preview above and below, and if you’re curious about the Spider-Woman series you can check out our full interview with Karla Pacheco right here.

Spider-Woman #2 is written by Karla Pacheco and drawn by Pere Perez, and you can find the official description below.

(Photo: Marvel)

“DOWN WITH THE SICKNESS! Spider-Woman discovers the origin of her illness. Spoilers: It wasn’t bad sushi or that cold everyone at the office has. What does Jessica’s illness have to do with the daughter of her old nemesis Otto Vermis? And how does a shipment of black-market spiders fit in? Jessica Drew is fighting for her life while someone is pulling the strings of her web…BUT WHO?”

Spider-Woman #2 hits comic stores on July 15th.

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