Top 5 Games Like Tropico [Android/iOS]

If you are Looking for games like Tropico that let you manage your nation? Our collection of options includes titles that mix simulation and management together. The Tropico series debuted in 2001 and garnered a lot of attention for its unique and humorous approach to the management style. This gameplay puts players as heads of their island as they eventually attempt to manage all aspects of their settlement so that they remain in power, keeping in mind the population and various.

Best Games Like Tropico

games like Tropico

This humour makes an appearance not only in the disciplines of the game but also in mechanics with corrupt politics, fraud and interference with foreign interests. Managing all of these elements, the player hopes to achieve the single objective, staying in power for long as possible. It is a genuine juggling act that has become the most defining feature of the franchise, allowing it to stand against the same management title.

1. City Island 4: Simulation Town 

Build a prosperous city in City Island 4 with lots of amenities. In this game, you will start building a city from scratch on the island. You will first have a little cash for buildings and infrastructure items, and then you will have to develop a dream city that will attract citizens from the comfort of living. Complete construction tasks and objects of the town and collects rewards to get on upper levels. The game does not require an internet connection so that you can enjoy playing in any location and under different circumstances. 

This game available on Android and iOS

2. Megapolis 

Megapolis: City-Building Simulator is a classic city-building and management simulation game in which you will play the role of a city mayor. Develop your city by building more houses, educational buildings, recreational facilities etc. The long-running game will be unlocked with hundreds of items while advancing its level. In addition to making the standard city, you can develop a science area, an industrial complex, a military base. Keep in mind the wealth and prosperity of your town in building more factories.

This game available on Android and iOS.

3. Designer City: building game

In the game of building a designer city, play the role of Mayor of town thinking about its prosperity and development. Building a city can be a challenging objective that you can consider. You have to control various aspects of city management. Building suitable living houses and facilities, road systems and transportation such as airport buildings or ports to increase such areas as travel and cargo. You can play the role of a general mayor or become a tycoon to build a high-level industrial metropolis. Developers always upgrade the game to add new buildings and fix some bugs.

This game available on Android and iOS.

4. Elvenar 

In this game, you will create a magical area, not a specific urban cityscape. Become a great leader and politician in the world of magic works. In the game, you have to play for humans or the fantastic, mysterious elves. Elvenar is not an ordinary city building game. It has more state management, and you play the role of a king. In addition to building a city and developing the city’s economy, you must recruit an army and fight the invaders, protect the inhabitants of your city.

This game available on Android and iOS.

5. Skytopia 

Skytopia – City Tycoon is an unusual city building and strategy game where you will build a temporary structure in Sky City. You have to learn how a great economist and producer must be an excellent politician to manage a city at the same time. Complete quests and tasks that expand a port and receive rewards. Producing more goods, you will sell it for money and gold. The city has a lot of citizens, and your objective is to keep them happy so that the city becomes more prosperous and prosperous. Apart from all this industrial development, you have to organize grand celebrations to entertain your residents. Parades, events, shows will make your city a place that brings joy to the people. One of the main tasks in sports is to develop science and industry. For this, you will be able to invite historically famous people such as Nikola Tesla.

This game available on Android and iOS

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