Top 5 Games Like Our World [Recommended Games]

Games Like Our World: Our World is a life simulation and RPG game. In this game, you enjoy the virtual World and a range of games and activities. The game was developed by Flowplay mostly for teens.

The game consists of several small casual games. You start the game by creating a place for an avatar and its home. Both the avatar and the house are customizable with lots of features to make it more personal. OurWorld also has an in-game currency called Flo. You do various tasks to earn money. Each game rewards you with some flow. You can buy gems from this currency. And use it to buy decorating items, furniture and clothes for your avatar. As the game progresses, you gain experience and level. In return, there are awards such as new dance moves, new locations on the map and other privileges. 

Best Top 5 Games Like Our World

games like our world

If you are looking for a game like Our World, then you have come to the right place. We are going to tell you about five such games. Which are like Our World and even better in their way. 

1. Fantage


The first pick in our list of games similar to Ourworld in Fantage. This site is highly attractive to children and teen audiences as the number of fun things you do here is countless. You can explore this virtual World in a colourful cartoon avatar, which you can tailor to suit your style. You can change the look of those avatars by using your characters’ clothes, hair and even gems and other cold objects. Various articles of clothing can be purchased using ESN. Which is the online currency used here and also by buying a membership, you can get full access to all items of clothing and pets. Also, you will find lots of people to interact and invite you to parties at your home. You can participate in fashion shows and play mini-games to earn more cool prizes.

This game available on Abode Flash Player.

2. WeeWorld

weeworld game

It is a place where you will not feel like hanging a lot. Here you can create your 2D profile and interact with people around the World to share common interests. You can also invite some of your friends and enjoy going out to parties and also participate in competitions and events. Once you enter the website. So you are given the option to change your skin colour, eye colour, hairstyle, accessories etc. to create a different look for your ‘Vimeo’. Westworld is a viral social networking site where you can easily stay. Contact with your friends. You can also go to the homepage on your mobile phone and play on the go.

 This game available on Microsoft Windows, Web browser, Linux and Macintosh operating systems.

3. Meez 

meez game

Looking for some more exciting games similar to our World? Then you should log into Miz Nation and check everything that happens here daily. Apart from the primary socializing and chatting feature, here you can play many great games, check out the latest fashions, access. Present your ‘roomies’ and also share photos and videos with all your close friends. Nine different types of places you can see here and each member can access all these areas with complete freedom. This 3D virtual World attracts a lot of teenagers as well as tweens from around the World, who come here individually to spend quality time with like-minded people. If you have an iPhone or iPod touch, you can download it and get access to all the upcoming events on your device.

This game available on Microsoft Windows, Web browser, Linux and Macintosh operating systems.

4. Club Penguin 

club penguin

If you liked the adorable characters from Disney’s house, you are bound to love Club Penguin because it is the brainchild of the same publishers. The website is known as a haven for children to breathe life into their cartoon penguin avatar. What’s more, they can also adopt a Puffle pet without an allergy attack. And this is not all they can accomplish here. Tiny tots can indulge in various activities such as cooking, arts and crafts, and fun games. Also, they will be able to attend special events, send greeting cards, make new friends and chat using emotions. Where the Penguins are, you can bet your last penny that Igloo and Snow will chase. 

 This game available on Microsoft Windows, Web browser, Linux, Macintosh operating systems

5. Habbo

habbo game

Next in our games like ourWorld roster, attacks the territory tagged along the entry line, make friends, play games and express themselves. One look at this slogan and you know what you and your child are signing up. Previously nominated as Habbo Hotel, this portal allows teens to shed any real-life blockages they may find annoying and take on the role of whomever they choose. It is free to play and even offers hobo credits which are the official currency of the game. And with some of these behaviours tucked into their kitty, they will be able to purchase virtual items for their online characters.

 This game available on Android and website.

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