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Top 5 Games Like Halo Wars (No 5 Will Surprise You)

Games like Halo Wars is an epic real-time strategy video game that launched on Xbox 360 during 2009. Based on this very popular first-person sci-fi shooter, the Halo game is one of the few RTS experiences that can found on the console platform. The original game would command players to command human war machines in a desperate battle to survive and opt to withdraw the franchise before eventually conquering the covenant forces. Other elements of Halo Wars included a well-balanced system that relied on a traditional rock-paper-scissors philosophy, which can play as both human and covenant forces, and a base oriented gameplay structure.

Best Games Like Halo Wars

games like halo wars

If you are looking for a games like Halo Wars, then you have come to the right place. We are going to tell you about five such games. Which are like Halo wars and even better in their way.

1. Wargame: Red Dragon

wargame red dragon

Wargame has one such title opposite both Command and Conquer and Empire. Which designed for players looking for a more realistic experience focused on modern military forces from over 21 countries around the world. Risk entirely from a top-down perspective, seen from something like Wargame: Red Dragon puts you in command of a set of units. Which you can deploy on the battlefield during each match.

Like the Blitz in Halo Wars 2, a deck of unit cards that you create before each game. Which determines the units you take into battle, meaning that taking time to accurately gather a group of soldiers who support a specific strategy is the key to victory. Although base construction and field control is not part of Red Dragon, keeping their units well stocked with ammunition and fuel is essential to success. Otherwise adding a deep layer of strategic management to a decisive action RTS experience.

This game available on Microsoft Windows, Linux, Macintosh operating systems and macOS.

2. Dawn of War 2 

dawn of war2

If you are looking for a streamlined RTS experience that revolves entirely on the battlefield to control your forces. So Dawn of War II is one of the best titles available to dive straight to PC. Relic Entertainment completely removed the need to build its bases and manage its controls with passive structures favouring an active, unit-centric system. Which places a greater emphasis on strategic positioning. Covering and maintaining your units during a difficult war can prove to be more challenging, but with each challenge, you will be more effective in fighting the next time, beating your units. Unlike most titles, which lead to a strategy of throwing units at your opponents, Dawn of War II inspires you to keep them alive. Which gives a more engaging experience full of personality and loyalty than Halo Wars. 

This game available on Microsoft Windows, Linux, Macintosh operating systems and macOS.

3. StarCraft 

starcraft 2

StarCraft 2 Developed and released back in July of 2010 by Blizzard Entertainment. Set four years after StarCraft, StarCraft II follows Jim Raynor’s story as he leads a cult against Terran Dominion with a cast of familiar characters seen throughout the Blizzard universe. Since the game’s launch, it has received two major expansion packs – Heart of the Swarm and Legacy of the Void – which has continued the game’s stellar single-player campaign. Introducing a multitude of new units, balancing those available in the base game. However, this may be intimidating for the first step due to the astronomical community behind it. StarCraft II is one of the most respected real-time strategy games of all time and does not disappoint regardless of the gameplay mode in which you are most interested.

This game available on PC, Mac and Linux.

4. Command and Conquer: Red alert 


Initially available on PC before being taken to the 360 ​​and PlayStation 3, Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3 is approx. This game complete with filled with unique units influenced by an alternate reality from World War II. Where the Allies fought the Soviet Union, the end of the game’s campaign led to a global conflict between the major factions. However, for players looking for a challenging experience with more depth, learning may seem a bit simpler. It is a well-regarded move for players following their time with Halo Wars.

This game available on Microsoft Windows,PlayStation, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

5. Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds

Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds

Galactic Battleground takes the Star Wars franchise into the RTS game genre. Hence its gameplay has a very AOE style feel to it. It released in 2001, with an expansion (clone campaign) released a year later, adding two new factions and campaigns. This game also same as Halo wars. 

This game available on Microsoft Windows, Macintosh operating systems, and Linux.

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As you can see these are best Games Like The halo wars also we recently post about halo games Which is very similar to these games. So don’t forget to check the other games list here and let me know in the comment section which one is the best for you.

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