Top 5 Games Like Game Of War For Android & iOS

Games Like Game Of War: Game of War is a top-grossing game that has captivated millions of viewers on iOS and Android, standing alongside the leaders in this saturated strategy space. Challenging players to create a permanent empire in an online environment that encourages players to attack each other continuously. It is a sport that attracts casual and hardcore players alike. The gameplay revolves around building your Empire with different buildings. Trains an array of soldiers and then marches on his enemy to increase his dominance and raid for resources. The way you will make enemies, and friends aligned with a strong chat system ally.

Games like Game of War on this page offer other strategy-based games that you can play on your browser or mobile device. You will find similar games of war with these games, which revolve around building an empire, raising an army and working together with other players. 

1) Empire: Four Kingdom

games like game of war

Empire: Four Kingdoms for iOS and Android puts you at the heart of battle as your ultimate stronghold develops a mighty army. Captures enemy posts and creates a thriving economy. At the heart of Empire is an original experience, a genre saturated with similar medieval-themed titles. However, Empire offers some unique perspectives on the style, trying to do something different in the market, which has ensured that the game is consistently ranked high on the applicable App Stores. The Empire also takes it a step further with high-quality standards that show through high production values ​​that beat most of its competition. 

2) Game of War – Fire Age 

game of war fire age is game like game of war

This game developed by Fire as Machine Zone, is a free to play strategy game. Game of War – Fire Age allows players to live the fantasy of building and running in a city. Allowing players to become the warlord of a newly created town in a state and develop it further. Players get to plan and build their city, keeping in mind the locally available resources. Game players can build various buildings like barracks, hospitals, academies – all the things that must develop to make a vast empire. Players can join the Kingdom Alliance with other players to help build and protect each other’s cities. Players can use real money to buy coins if they want to increase the speed of progress in their town.

This game available on both Android and iOS devices.

3) Clash of Kings

clash of kings

Clash of Kings is a free to play, real-time strategy game developed by Alex. This game allows players to build and establish their Empire and fight with rival kingdoms to declare supremacy. Players commanded by a growing nation that is about attacks from neighbouring enemies and have to build and upgrade state buildings and resource generators to build an army to protect their kingdom.

This game available on both Android and iOS devices

4) Kingdom of Camelot

This game developed by Cambam. This game allows players to go back to medieval times and act as a loyal knight for King Arthur’s Empire. Players get to plan and build their Empire by keeping the necessary resources in mind. Game players can build various buildings such as Knights’ Halls, Rally Points, Embassies and Alchemy Labs – all of which need to develop to create a vast empire. Some buildings such as barracks and workshops need to be used to build an army for the Empire. Players can use this army to defend their Empire and attack other areas outside their kingdom.

This game available on both Android and iOS devices.

5) Grepolis


Grepolis is a free to play strategic based MMO that initially designed for browser-based games in 2009. With the growing mobile market, however, Grepolis has made a successful leap to iOS and Android apps that have allowed the game to remain beyond its original design by making it enticing. A substantial share of the CCDTS market on mobile. Combining this with a successful browser experience, Grepolis is one of the most active and largest communities in the genre. Which maintains a user base with a consistent track record for a long time that speaks much to the game experience in a saturated market. Part of this experience is possible with regular updates and well-designed user experience across all game versions to make Grepolis attractive and free of obstacles.

This game available on Browser, Android and iOS.

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So These are popular Games Like Game Of War. if you any game which is very similar to these games then let us know in the comment section.

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