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Top 5 Games Like Free Realms | Best Alternative In 2020

Games Like Free Realms are fantasy-based MMORPG that was quite popular a few years ago. Sony developed the game, and you can play it on Windows, Mac and PS3. In Free Realms, you created your character, who went on to complete all kinds of adventures around the Sacred Grove in the game world. The game was very diverse in terms of mini-games, combat and success. Not only that, the free rims were heavily moderated to ensure a more family-friendly overall experience.

 Best Games Like Free Realms

games like free realms

Although the game’s popularity steadily increased over time, it was not popular enough to fit all the servers. In 2014, the game discontinued entirely. Although the Free Reams could have been successful, the child-friendly MMORPG genre is a crowd. You have to work hard to differentiate yourself from the crowd, and the Free Realms were no different. Are you looking for a game similar to Free Places? In this article, I will be talking about some good games that I think provide an experience similar to Free Places.

1. Wizard 101 

Are you a big fan of spells, wands, schools of magic and the like? You’ll be able to capitalize on all of this when you explore this exciting entrant in our game, similar to a free game roster. The brains behind this effort invite all you magician enthusiasts to step into Ravenwood Academy, collect magic cards, fight monsters, learn spells, and save Wizard City from the bad guys. Among children and adults alike, it also includes cool critters, which you can train by participating in mini pet games. The free-to-play title also gives you ways to make new friends. You can show off your decorating and gardening skills by choosing from a variety of castles, which you can retreat to after battling villains throughout the day.

This Game available on Macintosh operating systems and Microsoft Windows.

2. Toontown 


Ever wanted to be a cartoon character so that you can indulge in funny antics while making fun of someone or exploding with a cannon? Well, here’s your chance to create your very bizarre character, paint them in lively colors and name them to match your personality. And what is a game without the presence of some hardcore archives? Here the evildoers are robots called Cogs who are out of the animated world to suck up the fun. You can stop these goons by fighting gags. Other things you can do here include setting up your garden, fishing in ponds and playing mini-golf to collect jellybeans, trophies and jokes. You’ll be able to host different parties with trampolines, cannons, and fireworks, and even Toon can build his racing cart and burn rubber across the city.

This game available on Macintosh operating systems and Microsoft Windows.

3. Fiesta 


Are you brave enough to step into yet another fantasy-based world full of villains? Well, this fascinating inclusion in our free array of options places you in a world of luxury where you can complete missions, Can participate in epic Kingdom Quests and hunt fierce monsters. Namely, there are five different classes to choose from Fighter, Cleric, Archer, Maj and Joker. The title combined with a Master and Apprentice System, a Wedding System, and a Daily Quest System. Which rewards brave souls with bonuses and fame. Join forces with friends and form a powerful guild. 

This game available on Microsoft Windows.

4. Last Chaos 

last chaos

If you want to fight for the good and stay true to the movement or go down another path. Who joins the ranks of Ares who claim personal pride. You can play any class – magician, rogue, titan, knight, mage or healer. What’s more, each group has unique abilities and powers. Even you will be able to tag a stable partner with you visiting the world of Iris. They will prove to be strong allies during your battle with the forces of evil. You can opt for pets such as Ichi, dragon, scar-chi and horse.

This game available on Microsoft Windows.

5. Cube Castles 

cubic castles

Go on an adorable adventure in Cubic Castle, which features a world of games designed by players one cube at a time. Gather friends, stage, resources, build and complete quests in this 3D MMO journey. Cubic Castles is a game that puts you in full control of the experience as you create an account and claim your own.

This game available on Android, iOS, Macintosh operating systems and Microsoft Windows.

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