Top 5 Games Like Diablo (Must Try 3rd Game)

Games Like Diablo: Diablo is a hack and slashes action RPG released in 1996 by Blizzard Entertainment and developed by Blizzard North. The game set in a fictional empire ruled by Diablo or God of Terror. The main character’s journey takes place in the kingdom of Khandurs, as he goes through 16 dungeon levels, and eventually enters Hell to confront Satan. You mainly transferred to the player using your mouse, and you have to negotiate with the assembled insert chants using the keyboard, objects, and NPS. Part of the fun to meet the weight of your character. However, when you are already doing everything Diablo, Diablo would be two and Diablo 3.

Games Like Diablo

If you are looking for a game like Diablo. So luckily, you’ve come to the right place. Here we will tell you about five games like Diablo.

1) Borderland

borderland is similar to diablo

When you think of a game like Diablo, Borderlands may not be enough, but there is a ton in common between the two. The entire progression and gameplay loop of Borderlands is very Diablo-esque. Picking up new guns and weapons is the main focus of Borderlands, and an absurd amount of loot found in the game. There are also four profoundly different classes for you to choose from when you start the game. Each sees the game differently, and each Pandora has a vault hunter on an alien planet, searching for her fate. Borderlands is known for its weird and wacky characters, such as Craptrup, the rude but lovable robot.

Borderlands is easily one of the most loot-heavy games out there, but it is a first-person shooter through and through. Although the gameplay can be quite different from Diablo if you’re looking for a stronger loot system that can compare to the series. So you might want to try Borderlands or Borderlands 2.

This game available for PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Windows, and Mac.

2) Torchlight

torchlight game

Whether it is the first flashlight game or the second, we recommend either. Some members of the development team for both games are also original developers for the first and second Diablo games. If you are a long time fan of Diablo, you can even know the music in all Torchlight I or II. In any case, what sets Torchlight apart is its cartoon graphics and steampunk settings. The classes are sufficiently different for warrant replicability, and developers go out of their way to make looting possible with mouth-watering bonuses and increasing theory-crafting possibilities.

This game available for Xbox, Linux, Windows, and Mac.

3) Titan Quest

Its setting differs significantly from most top-down RPGs in Titan Quest. The playset in ancient Greece, you battle with mythical creatures and enemies, and you will also travel to ancient Egypt and Asia. The gameplay is very standard for what you will find in the genre, and you can choose from weapons such as swords, clubs, axes, stairs, and more. After leveling, you will gain access to the nobles, a skill tree system that tells you about your character’s abilities. As you might expect, you play the game from a top-down perspective with action-based battles. There are six classes to choose from, each focused on one of three main characteristics: strength, skill, and intelligence.

Interestingly, Titan Quest also has a co-op multiplayer that lets you mix games and Battle Monsters of other players, Even able to exchange loot. The game also has a level editor with players from different levels and different resources and options to share their levels. On top of these features, the unique setting of Titan Quest makes it one of the best games like Diablo.

This game available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows, Android, and iOS.

4) Grim Dawn

grim dawn

As the protagonist in Grim Dawn, you need to find a way to escape the grim scenario and fight all kinds of different monsters. The Victorian era inspired the fictional and dark world of the game, and the plot revolves around a war between the Ethereals and Chitonians. They both want to harm humankind and bring it to the brink of extinction. Grim Dawn is similar to the old-style Odd Diablo 1 and 2 and offers a great hack and slash experience with a fantastic hacking and loot system.

This game available for Xbox One and Windows.

5) Scared

the Sacred appears to be only Diablo clone. Once you play it, you’ll soon see that it is more high-fantasy than Diablo. Stepping out of that path, Sacred Blizzard’s RRPG giant is one of the lesser-known franchises. It has since spread three notable titles. It is mostly the first game you want to play, as sequels are less ambitious. The first Sacred was somewhat ahead of its time and included a sandbox open-world where exploration is rewarding compared to most other RPGs and dungeon crawlers. If you can cope with the graphics, try it out; If not, there are sequels.

This game available for Windows

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