Ant-Man, The Suicide Squad Star David Dastmalchian Hosting Quarantine Creature Feature

David Dastmalchian is very much living every fanboy’s dream. He has appeared in movies such as The Dark Knight, Ant-Man, and the upcoming The Suicide Squad. He is publishing his own comic book by the name of Count Crowley, a story which pays homage to Dastmalchian’s love for the horror genre and the many tropes which come with it. Now, Dastmalchian is taking a page out of his Ant-Man Quarantine Watch Party with and hosting a Quarantine Creature Feature of his own!

Dastmalchian calls Sunday night’s event, “A first-of-its-kind virtual gathering of Horror Hosts from around the US is taking place this Sunday! Discussing Horror Host History, love of hosting and engaging with fans around the world will be David Dastmalchian (as Dr. Fearless), Ormon Grimsby.” That’s right, Dastmalchian is bringing his Count Crowley TV journalist and vampire character to life, for a horror host celebration. “Marlena Midnite, Professor Griffin and several special surprise appearances from the world of late night horror,” the event’s official description reads. “The 30-minute panel will be directly followed by a ‘Creature Feature Quarantine Watch Party’ where all are welcome to Live Tweet along to the Boris Karloff Classic!”

To participate, fans are encouraged to watch the panel on Dastmalchian’s Count Crowley YouTube channel. A preview for the event can be seen in the video above. At 8pm ET, fans can join the YouTube panel. At 8:30pm ET, they will then press play on their own copy of The Old Dark House, a horror film currently available for streaming on Shudder, and tweet along to essentially all watch the movie together!

The event is free.

“I grew up sneaking downstairs to watch the legendary Crematia Mortem’s Creature Feature and have been hooked on Horror Hosts ever since,” Dastmalchian says. “Creating Count Crowley, getting to know legends like Svengoolie and now hosting this special evening celebrating hosts and our collective love for Horror Host culture has filled my cold, dead heart with monstrous joy.”

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